Because the Garcia Lorca Spanish School is the easiest, most affordable and exciting way to live and study Spanish abroad in Madrid, Spain. With our competitive prices, monthly Garcia Lorca Club social activities and newsletter! Read On!

The Garcia Lorca Spanish School (in Madrid) offers you a bonafide Spanish program for the most competitive price on the market.

In addition, other programs have up to 25 people in a class. We limit them to 6 students maximum per class. The classes, being much smaller, are much more intercommunicative and the end result is that you, the student, obtain much more from the program!

Moreover, savings as compared to other major European cities, on such items as accommodation, food, drink and entertainment over the duration of the courses, are additional benefits of attending any of the courses at the García Lorca Spanish School in Madrid.

The García Lorca Club

You are also warmly welcomed into the Garcia Lorca Club. With Garcia Lorca, you will receive an exciting choice of monthly social activities through our club, which is attended by a large number of our teachers, students, and staff. With our club, you have an excellent vehicle to make friends and discover Spain. In addition, you get a chance to socialize with the teachers and office staff of Garcia Lorca, instead of just seeing us behind desks.

This is the real bona-fide “family vision” that we foster. Everyone in the Spanish programs who wishes to, participates in the Garcia Lorca Club and the one or two extra-curricular activities a month that Garcia Lorca offers to students (pub nights, road trips, excursions, movie nights, dinners, etc.). These events are attended and run by Garcia Lorca directors, teachers and staff. This is the key to our friendly, family environment, that we take great care to create and encourage.

Our club is an enjoyable part of our program that is unique to this school. The Club is supported by a monthly newsletter, with details of the monthly events, a conversation topic, as well as a student of the month. This greatly helps to integrate everyone in the school and the Garcia Lorca Club, where students of Spanish, friends, family and teachers mix and have a great time together, creating lasting friendships and memorable experiences in Spain that last well beyond the duration of the Spanish courses.

The program also includes Spanish culture classes on history, civilisation, art, politics and drama. Our cultural agenda has included guided excursions to attractions such as the Medrano Cave in Argamasilla de Alba, where, according to popular legend, Cervantes was kept prisoner, and where he started writing Don Quijote; the famous Celtic-Iberian city of Numancia, and the Roman Amphitheater and impressive ruins of Segóbriga, a famous Roman city that was discovered about thirty years ago near Madrid.

This improves the relationship between teachers and students, who become friends and thus creates a better atmosphere in the classroom and enable a greater understanding of the life of the country, its residents and culture. The activities facilitate getting in contact with Spaniards which considerably accelerates the cultural learning process.

Our Facilities

The Madrid center is located at Calle Claudio Coello º50, approximately 5 minutes walk from the Banco de España subway line in the heart of historic, downtown Madrid, which has a wide variety of cultural, shopping and entertainment activities.The school is open from 9.30 to 18.00, Monday to Friday. Our Director of Studies is on site to help students deal with any problems that may arise during the courses.

A large selection of resource / textbooks is available in the library.

  • Television and videos are on site for use by students.
  • Computer terminals with free internet access.
  • Free Photocopying Services.
  • Classrooms are comfortably furnished and fully equipped.

See You In Madrid

So come and join the Garcia Lorca family today!

Arancha, Ana, Isabel, James, Jenna, Luca, Maria Jesus, Noel, Oriana and Richard would be delighted to receive you in their beloved Madrid, España.

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