Courses Offered

  • Intensive Monthly Courses
  • DELE Preparation
  • Extensive Spanish Courses
  • Spanish Perfection Courses
  • Private Classes (One to One)
Spanish Programs

– Internationally recognized diploma and certificate.
– University Transfer Credit.
– Small Classes (Max. 6:1).
– Social Club and Events.
– Monthly Newsletter.
– Free Internet Access.
– Free Photocopying Services.

The Garcia Lorca Spanish School is a professional association of professors and students from all over the world. Garcia Lorca accomodates the needs of our participants and provides them with the maximum flexibility necessary to balance their time between studying, traveling, and working. Courses usually begin the first Monday of every month (see course dates), with a rolling application deadline.

Garcia Lorca has developed an active, direct, state of the art and flexible method which provides the student with quick progress in the four skills necessary for the command of a language: Oral comprehension, written comprehension, speaking and writing. All of our courses also include the social and cultural aspects of Spanish, adding extra-curricular activities and fieldtrips to the regular classes which provides the student with a more thorough knowledge of the country, its culture, art and history.

Upon completion of any course with Garcia Lorca Spanish School you are also awarded an internationally recognized diploma and certificate stating the level acheived and hours completed.

Course Schedules

The students in the general classes meet four days a week, Monday through Thursday, (Fridays are free for excursions) from 10:00 am to 11:30 am in the morning, or from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm in the early afternoon. The students in the intensive classes meet four days a week, Monday through Thursday, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The Courses

Intensive Spanish Course

This course consists of 5 classes, 3 grammar classes and 2 conversation classes, with a maximum class size of 6 students.

Beginner (zero)

Start Dates:
The first Monday of each month.

Course Length: 4 weeks / 80 hours

Classes Per Week: 20

Number of Students: 3 to 6

D.E.L.E. Preparation Course

Preparation for the Cervantes Institute exams. This course consists of two classes each day: 1 grammar class and 1 conversation class or 1 for specific practice tests for the exam (listening comprehension, oral expression, etc.).


Start Dates:
The first Monday of each month.

Course Length: 1 month / 40 hours

Classes Per Week: 10

Number of Students: 3 to 6

Important: Registration for the exam must be done directly at the Cervantes Institute and is not included in the preparation course.

Extensive Spanish Course

Only available after completing the intensive course.


Start Dates: The first Monday of each month.

Course Length: Typically trimester (3 months)

Classes Per Week: 3

Number of Students: 3 to 6

Spanish Perfection Course

This 2 class per day course is directed towards people that already possess a vast knowledge of the grammar and syntax of the Spanish language and wish to go deeper. This course deals with complex vocabulary, syntax and semantics while studying coloquial Spanish, double meanings, idioms and expressions which are not found in grammar books.

Start Dates:
The first Monday of each month.

Course Length:
Typically trimester (3 months)

Classes Per Week: 8

Number of Students: 3 to 6

Private Classes

The student chooses the number of classes desired and what they would like to do in them, they are “tailored” classes.

Levels: All

Start Dates: Student’s choice.

Course Length: Student’s choice.

Classes Per Week: Student’s choice.

Number of Students: 1


The Garcia Lorca Spanish School provides students with a diversified program of cultural activities in order to add to their knowledge of the country in many areas including art, history, customs, etc. These activities are extra-curricular, they are optional and the price includes a guide provided for by the school, transportation and access to museums and monuments.

Museo del Prado

Activities in Madrid
Within the wide variety of options that Madrid has to offer, the Garcia Lorca Spanish School has chosen the most interesting to be done every two weeks.

– Guided visit through the Hapsburgs Madrid (old Madrid)
– An afternoon in Retiro Park and The Botanical Garden
– Visit to the Prado Museum
– Visit to the Reina Sofia (Museum of Modern Art)

– Madrid at night: A visit to Madrid’s most popular nightspots with dinner at a typical “Meson” (optional).

Field Trips Outside Madrid
These field trips last the whole day and take place on Fridays or Saturdays:

· Toledo*
· Aranjuez*
· Segovia*
· La Granja de San Ildefonso*
· Avila*
· El Escorial*
· Patones de Arriba*
· Argamasilla de Alba
· Numancia
· Segóbriga
· Buñol
· Valencia

*The locations with an asterisk beside them are less than 100 kilometers from Madrid.

The prices for these activities are as follows:

Activities in Madrid: 10 € per activity

Field trips: 40 € not including meal (less than 100 km from Madrid)

Monthly Pass: 60 € (1 field trip + 3 activities)

The Teachers and Students

Our teachers are qualified experienced professionals, with Bachelors and/or Masters degrees who are specialized in teaching Spanish to foreigners.

All the teachers in the course have been involved in professional teaching and training for a number of years. They are still active teachers and therefore are fully aware of the classroom situations facing foreign language teachers today.

Student applications are welcomed from all interested parties, regardless of nationality. The only requirements are some study at the higher educational level and a willingness to adapt to the intensive nature of the courses.

Assessment and Grades

The oral exam grade is the most important and the overall grade cannot exceed the oral exam grade. The written grade is there to give credit to the students who are strong on academic work.

Grading Assessment

Oral Exam: 60%
Written Exam: 40%

Successful students receive an official certificate showing completion of the course and overall grade. They will also be issued a report from Garcia Lorca, which they can use as a personal resume builder.

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