Studying Spanish at the Garcia Lorca Spanish School in Madrid, Spain is the easiest and most affordable way to learn Spanish “actively.” If you would really like to immerse yourself in the vividness of Spain and work on improving or learning Spanish, what could be better than taking Spanish classes at the Garcia Lorca Spanish School in the vibrant, beating heart of downtown Madrid?

What’s in store for you at the Garcia Lorca Spanish School?

Madrid is the most exciting capital city of Europe. Rich in history and tradition, the Garcia Lorca Spanish School provides the perfect setting to study Spanish. Madrid is a land where cathedrals, palaces, flamenco dancers, friendly tapas bars, famous museums and folklore festivals alike, make it a unique and enchanting place to study and enjoy the Spanish art of living.

You will delight in discovering and “actively” learning Spanish in the world famous Prado and Reina Sofia Museums, the Plaza Mayor, the magnificent Retiro Park and Botanical Garden, as well as the Rastro, Madrid´s famous street market.

Romantic and poetic Spain is waiting for you to broaden your horizons, enhance your education and gain valuable experience for your career by joining the Garcia Lorca family in beautiful, sunny Madrid. Fun and excitement awaits you in the capital of Spain, where the night life is legendary.

Spain and the Spanish language are waiting for you at the Garcia Lorca Spanish School in Madrid…Read on!

As the world renouned Spanish poet, Frederico Garcia Lorca once wrote:
“The air of España gilded his head where his smile was a flower of wit and intelligence. What a great torero in the ring! What a good farmer in the sierra! How gentle with the wheat! How hard with the spurs! How tender with the dew! How dazzling the fiesta!”


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